Dear Son, Words of Wisdom #3

dearson3Dear Son,
Travel as often and as far as possible.
Love, Dad

I believe travel is one of the greatest teachers. You learn a great deal about yourself, others and God’s creation.

Visiting the actual location will make stories, movies and history come alive. Walking the streets of other lands will make you understand their issue, hopes and fears. Eating at their tables will help you feel the hunger and taste the abundance that is all around.


You have witnessed hope in the face of poverty. Walked were Jesus, Moses and King David walked. Stood where presidents and politicians of old stood. Sat in the locker rooms of amazing athletes. Floated down the Amazon. Led others to worship God in Africa and the Dominican Republic.

These are a few examples of travel that have helped shape your perspective and vision. They will serve as a filter and lens for future education and entertainment. They will help you step into the stories you encounter in literature and the news.

Do not forget where you have been and do not limit the places you will go. It can make all the difference.

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