Dear Son, Words of Wisdom #6

dearson6Dear Son,
You only have about 4 seconds to notice her new haircut.
Love, Dad

Words are important and timing is everything.

There are certain moments in life requiring special attention and loving care. Sometimes we put too much importance on the big days: Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  These days are important, but they are not the only special moments to remember and make memorable.

Haircut Day is one of these often-ignored days. If handled correctly, it will bring joy to your loved one…and you. If ignored or handled irresponsibly, consequences may follow.

Special Note: This is not based on personal experience, but from my observation of less observant men…with less forgiving wives.

Wise ways to handle Haircut Day:

  • Upon first sight of the freshly cut or colored hair, comment bout how amazing she looks.
  • You don’t need to go on about it too much…unless it is crazy awesome.
  • Timing is the key…within 4 seconds.
  • Very important, do not let someone beat you to the compliment.

Unwise ways to handle Haircut Day:

  • Don’t ignore it. This can cut deep on so many levels.
  • Don’t say, “You look so much better.” She will worry about how she has looked for her whole life up to that moment.  She will also worry about ever achieving that level of beauty again…ever.
  • Don’t say, “Don’t worry, it will grow back.”
  • Don’t say, “Wow, you are brave.”

Haircut Day is just one example of the many moments when words are important and timing is everything. Do not hold back words of love, kindness and affirmation. They are like water to a relationship. You can use them to grow something amazing, or you can cut them off leading to dehydration.

Be alert and affirming.

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