Dear Son, Words of Wisdom #17


Dear Son, God will make a way where there is no way.

It was the second week of August. My junior year at Liberty University was starting in two days, and I did not have the money to return.

I applied for financial aid, interviewed for an RA position, and worked all summer. But it was not enough. I exhausted all my resources, strategies and strength. I gave up hope of returning to Liberty… but then God stepped in.

It was Saturday evening when my dad received the phone call from David Graham, an old college friend and pastor. My dad had not heard from him in years.
“Do you know any students who would be interested in attending Liberty University this fall?” he asked.
“I know one,” answered my dad.
“Well I have a member in our church who would like to provide a full scholarship to one student this year, and you came to my mind,” said Mr. Graham.

My dad told his friend about my situation, and Mr. Graham said to pack my bags and everything would be taken care of. I packed that night and left town the next morning on the 16-hour drive from West Palm Beach to Lynchburg, Virginia.

When I approached the desk in the Business Office on Monday morning, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mrs. Tomlin took out my file and looked inside. “It looks like everything is taken care of. You can check into your dorm and head to class,” said Mrs. Tomlin with a smile. “It also says the donor wishes to remain anonymous.”

I never found out the name of the donor, but I know Who made a way where there was no way.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”   Genesis 18:14

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