The Toy Maker’s Son

The Toy Maker’s Son
A Children’s Story of Toys, Trials and Triumph
by Mike J. Thomas

In a land far away, at the edge of the forest, on the tip-top of a tall mountain, there was a great big house with the most wonderful toy shop, which belonged to the Toy Maker and his son.  The Toy Maker loved his son, and his son loved him.  They also loved the toys.  Each toy was special to them…after all, they made them.

They would play with the toys for hours, and they loved to watch the toys play.  You see, these toys were special.  The Toy Maker and his son gave them each a very special battery.  This special battery made the toys live, laugh and play together.  The Toy Maker gave the toys everything they needed.

The toys loved to play and they loved the toy shop.  They had thrilling adventures.  Brave Knight loved rescuing Little Pink Princess form the tentacles of Suction Cup Octopus.  Jitter Ball enjoyed bouncing around like crazy whenever Glow Bear bumped into him.  Playful Pony especially liked prancing across the shelves and galloping through the games.

They were all happy…until that night—the night when the toys were playing alone and the raven flew in through the window in the top corner of the toy shop.

They had never seen a raven before.  In fact, they had never seen anyone or anything but the other toys, the Toy Maker, and his son.  “What are you all doing?” said the raven.

“We are playing,” said Brave Knight, stepping in front of the other toys.

“Why are you playing in here?” asked the raven.

“Where else would we play?” asked Glow Bear.

“Well, outside of course,” said the raven as he flew down beside Little Pink Princess.

“We can’t go outside,” said Brave Knight, and he ran over to protect Little Pink Princess.

“Why not?” asked the raven.

“Because of The Rule,” said Brave Knight, and he pointed his sword up to a sign hanging under the window.

“No Toy Can Leave The Toy Shop Or Else Your Battery Will Die,” read the sign in bright red letters.

“Who made the rule?” asked the raven.

“The Toy Maker,” said Jitter Ball as he bounced across the table.

“That’s too bad.  It is big and fun and exciting outside,” said the raven as he flew over to Playful Pony. “There are huge grassy fields where you can gallop and prance.”

“That sounds fun,” said Playful Pony as she ran in a circle.

“A bear should live in the woods, not in this little room,” said the raven to Glow Bear.

“It does seem a little small in here,” said Glow Bear, and he glowed brighter just thinking about it.

“You could have big adventures,” said the raven to Brave Knight. “And you could be Queen of Great Forest,” he said to Little Pink Princess.

“I have always wanted to be Queen,” said Little Pink Princess, looking at her tiny crown.

“But our batteries will die!” said Brave Knight.

“You won’t be gone long enough for your batteries to die, and I am sure the Toy Maker doesn’t want you stuck in this little toy shop forever,” said the raven.

“Maybe the raven is right,” said Little Pink Princess. “It probably wouldn’t hurt if we went outside to play for a little while.”

“That’s true,” said the raven. “The Toy Maker doesn’t even have to know.  Give it a try.  You don’t know what you are missing,” said the raven.  Then he flew out of the widow.

The toys decided to go outside and play, but they couldn’t figure out how to get up to the window, which was the only way out of the toy shop.  “If each of you grabs one of my tentacles, I could use my suction cups to climb up the wall,” said Suction Cup Octopus.

Well they had a plan, and up the wall they went.  Right past The Rule and onto the window sill.

“It looks kind of dark out there,” said Playful Pony.

“Don’t worry, I can light the way,” said Glow Bear.

They all held hands and stepped out of the window.

Oh, how they fell–down the side of the tall mountain.  They thought that they would never stop bumping, crashing and tumbling, but they finally hit a tree at the bottom of the mountain. They tried to climb back up, but it was too hard, so they turned and went into the forest.  There the toys stood, in the dark and scary forest.  This is not what they expected, and they could hear the raven laughing from the darkness.

Back up the tall mountain, in the great big house, the Toy Maker and his son decided to play with the toys.  They went into the toy shop and called for the toys to come and play.  There was only silence.  The Toy Maker and his son looked up and saw the open window and were filled with sadness.  The toys were gone.

Down in the dark forest, the toys were afraid.  They heard scary noises.  They saw big shadows around them.  When they tried to run away, something happened.  Their special batteries started dying. They started moving slower and Glow Bear was not nearly so bright.  They did not know what to do.  So they cried out for the Toy Maker to help them.

Back up the tall mountain, the Toy Maker and his son heard them.  “We must rescue the toys,” said the Toy Maker.  “But I am too big the fit through the window.”

“I will do it,” said the Toy Maker’s son.  “I will go down and rescue the toys.”

“It will be dangerous,” said the Toy Maker.

“The toys are worth it,” said the son.  “I love the toys. I will go down and rescue them.”

The Toy Maker helped his son up to the window.

“Wait!” said the Toy Maker. “Take these special golden batteries.  These golden batteries will never die.”

“Thank you Father.  I will be back soon,” said the son.  Those were the last words the Toy Maker heard as his son climbed out of the window into the darkness.

The journey down the tall mountain was long and hard.  He finally made it to the bottom at the edge of the dark forest.  He could hear the toys crying.  He ran in and found them.  The toys were so happy to see the son.  He picked them up and hugged them.  The toys were very sorry that they had broken The Rule.  “I forgive you,” said the son.

Just then, the raven flew down.  “What are you doing here,” said the raven to the son.

“I have come to rescue the toys and give them these new golden batteries,” said the son.

“You can’t have the toys,” said the raven.  “The toys are mine now.  They broke The Rule.”

“These toys are mine,” said the son. “I have come to rescue them.”

The raven flew down to take the toys.  The son ran to stop the raven.  They began to fight and vanished into the dark forest.  They toys had never heard such terrible noises.

Suddenly there was silence.

The toys walked slowly into the woods and found the son lying very still on the ground.  The raven was nowhere to be found.  They went and sat beside the son and waited for a long time and then fell asleep.  When they finally woke up, they looked around but could not find the son.  They were afraid again.  “Where did he go?” cried Little Pink Princess. “How could he leave us alone?”

“He will come back,” said Brave Knight.  “I know he will.”

Then they heard a noise in the dark forest.  It was the son.  He had come back.  He had a raven’s wing in his left hand and the golden batteries in his right hand.  The son had defeated the raven and rescued them.  The son put the new golden batteries in each toy and said, “Let’s go home…the Toy Maker can’t wait to see you again.”

Up the tall mountain they went.  This time it was easy…because the son carried them.  They climbed through the widow into the toy shop.  The Toy Maker was waiting for them.  They were all together again.  Joy filled the toy shop once more.  The Toy Maker and his son lived, loved, and played with the toys forever.

The End Beginning

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